About Us

How many new customers do you need this week?

A team committed to making your team more successful.

At Murri Marketing we don’t do ‘standard’, we don’t do ‘out of the box’ and we don’t suggest we spend money on marketing activity thats not going to generate response or improve the standing of your brand.

We have a straight talking, no-nonsense sort of approach but we do our very best to make doing business with us a pleasure. We don’t have hangups about size, whether you’re a global business, or a green shoots start up if you have the drive to succeed then you’re sure to enjoy working with us.

We’re a small team with a fantastic ‘black book’ that encompasses some of the very best talent around.  This helps us keep the costs down, which our clients appreciate of course, and it helps keep us agile, fleet of foot and able to deliver great solutions with minimum fuss. 

We’re here to solve problems whether that’s building brands, opening lucrative doors for you or increasing response, and we’re always finding new ways to attract, retain or build customer loyalty for our clients. Your success really matters to us.


From simple sales literature to a full scale marketing campaign you can depend on us to deliver the results you need


We are continuously improving what we do, to increase value for your customers and deliver measurable impact on your business. Because success doesn’t happen overnight, but over time through continuous review and refinement.


We’ll test boundaries and embrace failure because we want to learn and discover the full potential of our ideas, so we can improve what we do, for you and your customers.

We want to know everything...

What drives you? What are your business goals? What do your customers expect from you? Great experiences are built on great insights that come from inquisitive minds. If you help us to understand ‘Why’, we can help you to work out ‘How’.

The longest journey starts with a single step

We also find that a nice cup of tea and a chat can help us to get under the skin of what you’re trying to accomplish. Its been the start of many great client-agency relationships so why not take the first step and give us a call.