Direct Mail and Direct Marketing

Bring in the sales with a direct marketing and direct mail strategy!

Murri Marketing will ensure your direct mail and direct marketing efforts churn out the sales your business needs!

When it comes to Direct Marketing and Direct Mail, we’ve got you covered! Even with the evolution of email, these two forms of marketing are still going strong and we’ve got the experience and the strategies in place to see you succeed.

The advent of online marketing has created a new niche for the traditional direct marketing channel. How often do you receive mail (through the post) that addresses your specific business or retail needs? If you are anything like us, the answer is not too often.

Targeted Direct Mail that brings in results

The strongest form of Direct Marketing is Direct Mail. We can target the entire UK or specific cities or even areas within a city. You’ll soon start to see impressive results!

Direct Marketing is low-cost and high-value

Our Direct Marketing service is affordable and effective! Your campaign is designed to turn potential customers into paying customers.
Contact us today to find out how the Murri Marketing Team can help you develop a Direct Marketing Strategy that taps your target audience and brings you sales.


Direct marketing helps your business to reach consumers via a low-cost traditional medium.  With a positive ROI and measurable results, direct marketing could be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.


Tell what you want to promote and we’ll develop a direct marketing strategy that will boost your sales. Your strategy will be tailored to your business and we’ll create the design and content too.


The beauty of direct marketing is that we promote your brand, product or service in certain postcodes, cities, counties, school catchment areas, high-/ low-income areas, etc.

Want to see what Direct Marketing and Direct Mail can do for your business?

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