How to write quality content that is Fully SEO'd

How to write quality content that’s fully SEO’d – Part 2

How to write quality content that’s fully SEO’d – Part 2 1024 683 Keeley Middlebrook

Hi guys and gals! In part 1 of this series of ‘Writing Quality SEO’d Content’ posts, we looked at what quality SEO content is, what Google thinks about content, and more.

In this post, we’re going to be looking at how you can share your content, or as I like to call it, ‘becoming a content sharing king (or queen)’.

Why sharing content is important

The real beauty of online content lies in the ease with which it can be shared. Sharing is fun, especially if you’re sharing content that’s inspired you or made you smile. And how do you share content I hear you ask? Gone are the days when you would write out (or type out; gosh I’m showing my age) a letter and send it out to a lot of your followers (or customers as they used to be called). Today, you share your content across social networking platforms and websites.

Sharing content enables you to establish your expertise and thought leadership by engaging directly with your desired target audience. And that’s the kicker! The fact that you can share things you find important with your desired audience!

So why do so many businesses share content on social media? The key reason is that it can massively assist in building a strong reputation, establishing trust and attracting a wider audience for your business, especially if it’s done the right way. Believe it or not, it’s actually quite easy to publish content online, although there is a catch. Ensuring the content you create is being shared by others can be tricky.

‘Are there two different types of content shares then?’ Yes and no. You share your content and then you hope that others read your content and pass it along. It’s a domino effect, and you really want your content shared. Once others share your content, you start to reap the rewards, which include:

  • Being introduced to new audiences
  • The strengthening of your personal brand
  • The maximising of your reach
How to get others to share your content

To make sure your content has a fighting chance of being shared, simply make sure you’re doing all or most of the following:

  1. Always be relevant! I can’t stress that enough
  2. Make your content as interesting as possible
  3. Make sure your content is completely unique
  4. Let your company’s personality shine through your content, so in other words, make sure your company isn’t boring, or perceived to be boring
  5. Create problem solving content such as ‘How To …’ posts
  6. Provide some great (and funny if possible) quotes
  7. Create a checklist. People love checklists!
  8. Use emotion, but not too much. The last thing you want is for Kleenex’s share price to go up
  9. Use strong and awesome visuals
  10. Create a super-strong opening line

There you have it! Follow those rules and your content will be shared!

In part 3, we’re going to be covering Google Trends, so watch this space!