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Are you getting through to key influencers?

Give your influencers compelling content about your brand and start seeing tangible results

The key to great Public Relations is telling people what they want to hear – something that hits the mark and earns you brand coverage from key influencers.
All types of influencers – bloggers, the press, analysts, experts, thought leaders, early adopters, social media butterflies, etc. – are looking for online (digital) and offline content that they can pass on to others, so let’s start giving them what they need to spread your brand reach.

Why influencers are so important

Imagine that you want to buy a new car, but find yourself torn between two models. What do you do? Like the vast majority of us, you’ll probably go online looking for expert opinions, articles and reviews about the pros and cons of each car, right? When you do that, you are actually searching out key influencers. In short, influencers influence our buying decisions.

Reach the right influencers

It’s our job to ensure that your brand message reaches key influencers and impacts your target audience. Our PR specialists are pros when it comes to reaching out and getting our clients’ brands noticed, both online and offline.

We are ready and waiting to start boosting your brand’s exposure and your sales, so contact us today to find out how we can help.


Tangible results are all-important here at Murri Marketing and we’ll measure the success of your PR campaigns by looking at lead generation, conversions, level of engagement and interest, etc.


We’ll create super shareable online and offline content for your brand that will attract the discerning eyes of your influencers and pique the interest of your existing and potential customers.


Effective PR is all about reaching your potential customers and adding value to your brand. We’ll ensure that your PR campaigns bring results by targeting the correct audiences and influencers.

Want to earn coverage from key influencers?

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